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The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts answers the age old question of why am man would want to become a Freemason in this short video

Back to Our Roots by the Brothers at: Massachusetts Freemasonry

As Freemasons, we are often asked, “why do men become Freemasons?” The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has put together a great short video on why men become Freemasons. If you are thinking of becoming a Freemason, and wondering if Freemasonry is right for you, this may be a good place to start as you consider if you are a good fit for The Fraternity. From the video:

Being a man used to be simpler; guard the cave, provide sustenance, honor thy name. A handshake sealed the deal and a word was a promise. Today things are a bit more complicated. We try to impress people we don’t know by acquiring things we don’t need. We have friends lists but few real friendships. Things like integrity kindness have fallen by the wayside. How can we know if we measure up when the scale is constantly changing. The Freemasons believe that a man’s job is to be the best version of himself possible. To pursue truth and self-discovery. To give more and take less. We connect with our fellow man so that we may learn from each other, to challenge one another to live up to our highest ideals. We believe a man should be judged by his strength of character, his willingness to make sacrifices, to improve both himself and the lives of those around him. For hundreds of years the Freemasons have helped men find more meaning to make connections with other men in a way that truly matters for those seeking a deeper sense of purpose a chance to make lasting friendships. To reach higher. To find more.

Men become Freemasons for many reasons, but some of the more common are self discovery, fellowship with other men, truth, self improvement, education, charity, and finding a greater sense of purpose. If you are looking for any or all of those things in your life, becoming a Freemason may be for you.

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