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We recently came across an entertaining and educational video of a man trying to figure out if the conspiracy theories about Freemasons are true. To find out our masonic secrets he attempted to join a Masonic Lodge and made a video of his experience and what he uncovered.

In his (successful) attempt to infiltrate the Grand Lodge of England, YouTuber Hochelaga noted how odd it is that “for a secret society, it is not very secretive.” He finds that it is actually very easy to gain access to the buildings and public tours are available. He then stumbles upon one of the greatest mysteries of Freemasonry; “why does a secret society need a gift shop.”

From his video description

“The Freemasons are a secretive organisation cloaked in mystery. To some, they are a cult or a dark brotherhood behind world events. To others, they are misunderstood, and far less mysterious than conspiracy theories would have us believe. What do we really know about them? There’s only one way to find out: to try to join them. From visiting the Grand Lodge in London to learning the Rituals and finally making an application; becoming a fully-fledged Freemason is harder than I thought. Longer too! But that’s where a not-so-secret Facebook group comes in… “

The Masonic Secret Found!…

“From my investigation, I do not believe that they are a malicious organisation of Satan worshiping cultists. Instead, it had more in common with an upper-class gentlemen’s club. The Freemasons have their secrets for sure, but none that are particularly scandalous. The reality of the Freemasons is that it’s a medieval self-help group, with a bunch of rituals that you need to memorise. There are times when reality is stranger than fiction, but this is not one of those times.”

Many will inevitably complain that the truly nefarious practices of Freemasons are buried very deep within the organization and almost no Freemasons actually know any of the “evil” practices they are a part of.

Well if you are one of those know that you are among the ranks of the Nazi’s and other tyranical governments. Anti-masonic societies have said the same thing for over a hundred years and originate from an elaborate hoax by Leo Taxil.

Leo Taxil was a Freemason who profited off publishing hoax pamphlets about the Catholic Church. His publications caused great upset among our members and the Catholic Church. Eventually he was kicked out of Freemasonry.

Taxil then decided to join the Catholic Church, and “renounce” his Masonic ways. He then repurposed the same satan worshipping propaganda he was using against the Catholic Church and used it against the Freemasons that kicked him out for the same behavior.

Unfortunately the Catholic Church and the Papacy of the time ate up his retelling of the Catholic Church conspiracies, with the fresh rebranding of it all being about the Freemasons. Since then, we have been looked at as sinister in the minds of many who have followed religious leaders who spout these debunked accusations.

The comments are also expectedly entertaining

“So it’s like a hybrid between a fraternity, a self-help group, religious organization, philosophical school, gentleman’s club, an ideological circle, and a charity/humanist group.”


Yep, pretty much Naka.

Finally people are getting it… well and then it all goes downhill from there.

“free masons are like the faceless men in the game of thrones series, who worship the “many faced god”, basically all gods and religions are a representation of the same being so therefore all religions are accepted in freemasonry. You can only move up the ladder if you show your understanding in these type of philosophies tho”


mr777, Thanks?… Not sure exactly how to respond to that one.

And of course, we were bound to find a few of these gems…

“the lower ranking members are not really told everything. you have to be a high ranking mason and prove your dedication to be considered “enlightened”. that’s where the secrecy really comes into play.”

Jayce Neal

You can experience all of this in more detail by watching the video below and heading over to the YouTube page. There you can read all of the comments on how some have uncovered the hidden secrets of Freemasonry by researching the internet for 15 minutes… The same secrets that millions of men have apparently not been able to figure out even after dedicating their lives to Freemasonry for decades. You can’t make this stuff up.

Video of Man Joining Masonic Lodge To Learn Freemason’s Secrets

More from Hochelaga

Hochelaga makes some other rather interesting videos, and while we cannot speak to the factuality of their contents, we do encourage you to check them out here, as the video about us is very accurate and of good quality.

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