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People often accuse Nazis and Freemasons of working together, however history shows those individuals are more similar to Nazism than Freemasonry ever could be.

Nazis and Freemasons Overview

When researching Freemasonry you will inevitably come up with conspiracy theories about a Freemason “New World Order” or how Freemasonry is somehow connected to national socialism (Nazis). That could not be further from the truth.

During World War II under Hitler, Freemasons were sought out and persecuted similarly to the Jewish peoples and other ethnic groups in Nazi Germany and occupied Europe.

Many of the resistance and freedom fighters in Germany were Freemasons.

Did Nazis Like Freemasons

The answer to did the nazis like the Freemasons is, No. Not only that, but the truth is so completely opposite that the correct answer can only be, absolutely not. Nazis and Freemasons were in opposition of one another.

The Nazis forced Lodges to close, and took possession of all of their property. Nazis rounded up the Freemasons and put in concentration camps. Nazis labeled the Freemasons as “political prisoners” and marked with a red triangle.

This of course was because the German Nazis wanted absolute power. Freemasonry was closely tied to western enlightenment and the classical liberal mindset of a free market and limited government. Nazis did not want any opposition left standing, and they knew that Freemasons could be that opposition.

The Nazis formed propaganda campaigns against the Freemasons that wrapped into their Anti-semitic conspiracy theories. The Nazis stated that Jewish men had taken over Freemasonry. According to the Nazis it had become another part of their larger jewish, liberal, and (now) masonic conspiracy theory. This helped to get more German citizens behind the movement to have Freemasons rounded up and killed in concentration camps.

You can read more about the common hoaxes against Freemasonry. By the time of WWII these hoaxes had already been long debunked, but unfortunately many are still cited today.

People who tell you that Nazism and Freemasonry are somehow connected simply don’t know what they are talking about. Those who accuse Freemasons as being part of socialist or fascists forces who want to bring in a “new world order” are ignorant to the organizations and ideologies they are speaking about. History clearly shows that Masonry and totalitarian governments have always been against each other. There was no connection between freemasons and fabian socialists.

How Did Freemasons Fair In Occupied Territory During WWII?

For more information on Freemasons and their treatment under fascist rule, you can watch this YouTube video below. This outlines an overview of what it was like for Freemasons in Nazi Germany and elsewhere through occupied Europe.

Amazon’s Nazi vs Freemasons

For more information on the German Nazis vs Freemasons, Amazon has a documentary to steam called Nazi and Freemasons which has 4 stars. Additionally you can watch it here.

“Emmy-award winner Jean-Pierre Devillers investigates the arcane reasoning behind the Nazi priority of looting archives and precious books from the headquarters of the French Masonic Obedience in June 14, 1940. After which, by order of the Kremlin, the KGB stole this aberrant loot, which identifies all French Freemasons and hypothetical abstruse secrets held by freemasons.”

– Amazon

Freemasons and the New World Order

Nazi Germany is just one example where Freemasons fought or were persecuted by totalitarianism. The opposition between Freemasons and totalitarian governments have played out in almost every instance there has been a totalitarian government. This includes the Nazis, the Soviets, Iran, and the list goes on.

If you have friends, family, or members of your church saying things like Freemasons are Nazis, or Freemasons want a New World Order, you can let them know that they may be more in line with the Nazis than Freemasonry ever would be.

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