is an archive of knowledge to inform the general populace about the Freemasons, and what Freemasonry is… and is not.

The Freemasons are a group of men who belong to an organization called Freemasonry. Freemasonry is not a conspiracy theory to take over the world, and it is not the illuminati. Due to the structure of Masonic Lodges, Grand Lodges, and Masonic Jurisdictions, it would actually be one of the poorest organizational structure choices you could make to try and take over the world, as there is no centralization amongst its governing bodies. Masonic Jurisdictions act in correlation to one another through an ancient form of recognition, rather than by centralized authority and governance.

What The Freemasons Are:

Freemasonry is an ancient esoteric fraternity, which simply means a grouping of men, who are found qualified to learn “secret” teachings. Historically this has been done through Masonic rituals, and developed out of operate stone mason’s guilds, which through similar teachings build the cathedrals and many of the great spiritual buildings in western Christianity. The symbols and lessons used to transfer the knowledge of how to build these spiritual edifices was passed down, to the current forms of Freemasonry today.

Due to its exclusiveness, and its focus on spiritual symbolism from middle age Christianity, it is often seen by outsiders as a cult, or a type of religion, but we can assure you Freemasonry is not a religion, and Freemasons are never taught a dogma, in which they have to believe. Because of this, it cannot by its nature be a religion, and instead a spiritual organization, made up of men of various faiths and backgrounds. Freemasonry is not meant to be a replacement to a man’s faith, nor are Freemasons trying to solicite others to become members.

In fact, Freemasons cannot invite other men to join. Men must come to the Fraternity of their own free will, and be drawn to it for the right purposes of working towards being a better man, around others with like interests.

The Freemasons is a site dedicated to displaying what we can about the Fraternity, while dispelling some of the myths that have grown around it over the past few hundred years. Many would be interested to know just how much the western world was built on a foundation of masonic principles, and we are here to illustrate that.


The Freemasons