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Freemasonry has been shrouded in myths all the way back to it being a secret society in the early 18th century. Find out some of the myths of Masonry’s production about the Myth’s that surround Freemasonry

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To mark the launch of more than 2 million UK and Irish Freemason membership registers on Ancestry, join actor and historian Sir Tony Robinson as he takes a tour of the United Grand Lodge of England with modern Freemason Dr. James Campbell, shedding some truth on some of the common myths about the enigmatic membership organization as they go

Myth’s About Freemasonry Transcript:

That building is shrouded in mystery. I’m Tony Robinson and I’m on the steps of the United Grand Lodge of England I’m here because ancestry has just published online two million historic freemasons membership records and I’ve been given exclusive access to this place my job is to try to uncover some of the secrets behind this fascinating organization which who knows some of your ancestors who may well have joined a James I Tony welcome to FreemasonsHall James are you giving me a secret handshake no we do use handshakes and signs and passwords in our ceremonies but we would never use them outside the lodge so there’s the first with examined and take long did it there is a secret handshake but according to James associate already this really is a fantastic room this is the grand temple of the United GrandLodge of England the oldest Grand Lodge in the world it must look really great with all the seats are full and that organs play I know what people are going to want to know do you ever see celebrity faces here are their famous Masons what you’re here I’m not macing them what celebrity is completely unimportant in my story everybody is equal but there have been famous people have been Masons at Peter Sellars Oscar Wilde Winston ChurchillJames Cameron it look at this throne adding crampons to get up on this surely all this implies that you need to be of high status to beat least this is definitely a throne it was built for the Prince Regent laterGeorge the fourths first royal GrandMaster but don’t be misled any person of any race or profession social status can become a Mason as long as I’m a London over 21 years well that’s certainly a busted a myth isn’t it’s great that they’ve got a museum here but one of the artifacts is pretty special to use then yes this is one of the jewels worn by my grandfather who was a freemason in India and was typical of jewels freemasons we get after they’ve been masterful launched and this is what I’ve picked out a photo of a woman Mason yes this Grand Lodge which is found in 1717 has historically always been all-male but at beginning of 20th century they started women’s Grand Duchess and indeed many of the suffragettes were Freemasons really. So there you have it there is a handshake but it’s not that secret, Masons come from all walks of life including some women and there have been lots of famous Masons including Winston Churchill. It’s a fascinating history no longer behind closed doors.

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