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In a youtube video entitled “Shaq Announces He’s A Mason & Shows Off Ring” Shaquille O’Neal was outed on TV program “Game Time” to be a Freemason as his masonic ring caught the attention of the other host’s eyes.

When Shaq was asked what is on his ring that is “blinding” his co-hosts, Shaq responds with a smirk, “That’s a ring of my Profession; you don’t know nothin about that”

When his co-hosts go in for a closer look to see what is on his ring, they see the square and compasses.

“OH Masonry, Are you a Mason!?”

“Of Course I am” Responds Shaq.

“I was blinded by success” one of the hosts states as he tries to get back on topic.

Shaq’s response to this public investigation is commendable in two parts. First, he does not come out and say he is a Freemason, but first waits to see if there is anyone who knows anything about it before saying anything. He is not trying to come out and gloat about his relation to the Fraternity.

Second, he obviously takes pride in the Fraternity and illustrates his seriousness about it by referring to it as “my profession”. While Masons don’t get paid to be members, it is a career of personal improvement, and we commend Shaq for realizing and espousing this commitment.

Shaquille O’Neal was made a Mason by the Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts and became a member of Widow’s Son Lodge No. 28 in Boston. Shaq has made public service a priority in his life, making untold donations to charities and organizations across the country, and even working as a reserve police officer in Los Angeles, Miami, and Phoenix. We thank him for his service to God, the Fraternity, and his communities.

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